Insightful design solutions
Bold visuals for powerful communication
We create engaging designs that capture attention, ignite interest and deliver your unique message.
Brand Identity

Imprint your brand with a distinctive, memorable identity that authentically describes its personality and essence.

Print Materials

Narrate your story in a way that stokes curiosity and intrigues customers to learn more about what makes you different.

Digital Environments

Engage on a deeply meaningful level, creating an association that instills trust and motivates customers to action.

Our Services

SMG is a boutique design studio that combines compelling visuals with intuitive information design. Our expansive range of graphic services effectively spark interest and tell your brand’s story in a way that resonates with customers.

Corporate Logos & Identity

Identify your brand with a distinct and memorable visual cue that reflects its vision and personality.

Print Materials

Differentiate your brand with materials that educate and engage customers to understand more about what makes you different.

Events & Environments

Immerse your customers in your brand with signage, packaging and event environments that forage deep experiential connections.


Draw attention and grow awareness with integrated cross-platform advertising campaigns that ignite curiosity and interest.

Websites & Online Properties

Cultivate your customers with detail about your brand’s offering, unique value and promotions with an intuitive and robust online infrastructure.

Photo & Video Production

Elevate your storytelling ability and customer brand experience with our full range of photo and video services.

Email & Direct

Develop interest and sales leads by targeting potential customers with messaging and promotions that motivate action.


Underscore your leadership position with periodicals that share the knowledge and expertise of your brand in editorial format.

Not just design, but perspective too...
Our compelling designs are seasoned with industry experience.
Our Work

This may be our portfolio, but our design process actually begins with you. Compelling communication depends on effective design, but both rely on understanding. So we constantly strive to more deeply understand our clients’ brands, stories and customers.

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. -Epictetus

We connect brands with customers.

Understanding your brand, audience and industry enable us to create connections that resonate and motivate.

Effective branding is an ongoing process – enabling you to wow customers and court new markets. Clearly-communicated brand identity helps increase sales, forge strategic partnerships and launch new product lines. A strong brand engages people quickly and consistently – forming a deep connection that transcends market and competitive noise. We thoughtfully and creatively execute your brand’s identity and messaging for your target audiences – creating industry leadership and helping realize your business objectives.

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LA Parent
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What Our Clients Say

Across several design firms, we were most happy with SMG’s work and shifted it almost exclusively to them. Their ongoing commitment to learning about our business and customers really made a difference in the end product they provided.

Ron Epstein
Publisher, LA Parent Magazine

The team at SMG has become an invaluable part of our team. Their graphic and information design skills are second to none and we’ve come to rely on them for creative and effective solutions to difficult challenges.

Chris Behan
President, BCG

We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality and service from the team at SMG. After working with ‘leading’ design agencies, we found SMG provided more insightful designs and were much easier to work with on critical projects.

Joe Daddio
VP Pop Promotion RCA Records
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